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R0088 pdf below is the document I worked with World Wise Schools to produce in 1995--It's for PCVs and teachers in the US. Coming soon is the original 1991 version produced through a Youth in Development grant from Peace Corps. It's made just for PCVs. The Spanish instructions below are from the 1991 version--In the near future, I'm going to retype the Spanish instructions and update the Spanish version of the 18-page gridded guide map...

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R008_worldmapproject.pdf - World Map Project Manual(1995 version)!

WMP-ManualForPCVsSpanish-Aug2009-RoughDraft.pdf - Map Current as of Aug 2009. Spanish version of Instructions with Gridded Guide Map. I will be cleaning up the instructions and retyping the country/color code lists in the next version. Useful for host country nationals AND non-native speakers (students in the US) trying to learn Spanish.